Public Art in Quarantine

These have been unprecedented times. If you had asked me a year ago what I imagined my summer of 2020 would be like- I am one hundred percent sure I would never have said that I would be in quarantine. New York has been on Pause since March 16th. Schools closed, jobs lost, stores empty. Navigating it all has been a struggle - to say the least. A friend on social media had recently posted a quote saying "I don't even know if stores are open anymore- I just walk towards the door and if it opens I go in".

A shift has also happened in what we currently see as entertainment. We are not occupying our time at movie theaters, watching sports, going out, or even having much social time at all. Commercials on television promote Zoom birthday parties and Netflix. I understand that there must be a balance between isolation and occupying time in a healthy way. My family has always been interested in outdoor activities. We love camping, hiking, visiting parks in all the seasons. So although we typically gravitate towards the outdoors anyway- now the equation has become to search out the lesser known and traveled areas. I believe that the outdoors create an amazing opportunity for children to learn and for adults to ground themselves. Where I live in Syracuse has created such an opportunity to seek out these opportunities- to find these outdoor spaces. We have visited many very beautiful spaces- from rose gardens to historical architecture to cemeteries and mural tours. I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing my city in a new way. To really be able to spend the time to view new places has actually been a light in these strange times. Being able to experience this with my children is something I could not have-or did not make- time for. We all have found a new way of life by taking our time and being more mindful. And I am not sure I want to return the rat race from before.

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