Pandemic Holiday

We are now moving into the third quarter of quarantine. It is absurd to me that in three months it will be the one year marker of when this entire pandemic began. I spoke with a very wise woman the other day and she said to me, "Mary- folks are sure going to appreciate so much more after this ends". I keep thinking about that statement. This new norm we live in to stay safe. So my family celebrates Christmas -and oh boy- do we have a large family. Each year my husband and I almost create a game plan to find the most direct ways to see as much family as possible. It is stressful- but we love it. We truly instill a value of family in our boys. So what say you to this year? Well, it is just going to have to be different. So we decided to think of the one thing we appreciate the most after family and concluded that we most go north. North to the wild land we love in the Adirondacks. We will find creative ways to celebrate with others. This year we will be a bit more humble and slower but we can still find a way to appreciate it all.

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