It is Thanksgiving day- during a pandemic. What a strange world it currently is. It feels awkward and reserved and intense. People are divided on politics, policies, and personal ideologies. We are home more- working less. Seeing family and friends infrequently and missing that human connection. So why -in this time of uncertainty and discourse- have I decided to begin my dream of starting up Sugar Moon Artistry? As I spent my morning today chatting with my children about being grateful and the positives of the past year- I began to reflect on this one question. My first thought was YOLO (please don't stop reading after that cliché phrase). But really- the bigger question was "why did I not start this earlier?" I have loved art since I can remember- I have been a creator my entire existence. Painting is my passion. It is my therapy. It brings me joy. I then started to contemplate on to why I felt my passion should become this path of becoming a type of brand. I do not feel it was vanity or that my work is so amazing I need others to appreciate it. The true bottom line is that art brings me emotions- it shows my world through my eyes. Whether it is happiness, discomfort, or empowerment- the paintings I create are are little pieces of me- they expose bits of myself. And I want to share that with people. Because what we could possibly be more thankful for then each other. Happy Thanksgiving my friends!

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