Collab is Fab

Collaboration is defined as the action of working with someone to produce or create something. As I have been wading in these new waters of Sugar Moon Artistry the best component -by far- is meeting new artists and art lovers. This new art circle has been such a positive impact. I have met such talented people- both in person and online. I believe we uplift each other- we inspire- we provide constructive criticism- we support- synergies. I must admit that starting up my own Joy Gig (I made up that phrase- lets start using it!) has been a learning curve. But it is one that I am LOVING! After the holidays I wanted to have another pop-up so I reached out to the café where I have been before and we decided lets do a Valentine's Day event! And you know what is better then a solo pop-up? A COLLAB POP-UP!! I reached out to some of the most fabulous local artists that I know and -to my surprise- they were all on my wave length and agreed to join me! What started as a teeny solo table has now become an impressive collection of jewelers, painters, designers, entrepreneurs, illustrators, textile artists- just a flat out amazing group of creative souls! The excitement I feel is palpable. I cannot wait to see their works, to chat about their products, and to hear their stories. One of the artists had said to me - "real queen's help fix each others crowns" and I honestly think that is the best quote to describe this amazing collaboration.

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