Hi there! Thank you for visiting my site! My name is Mary and I am a creator from Syracuse, New York. 

I like to call my art a type of show and tell experience. I create acrylic paintings- usually large in scale. My paintings are inspired by varying aspects in my life. Sometimes it is an emotion or music- other times it is a person or place. I frequently use bold brushstrokes and strong highlights. Using this style of paintings creates an expressionistic feel with surrealist subjects. Many pieces that I paint have simple compositions in which the backgrounds consist of one color and splatters, drips, or harsh lines. Many incorporate dark colors- typically black and grays. I use strong lighting- especially in portraits. Many of my pieces include abstract florals and femininity.

I attended SUNY College at Buffalo and received my bachelor degree in Art Education. I also am currently attending SUNY Empire for my Masters in Visual Arts Learning and Emerging Technologies. During the day I work in a middle school, the YMCA, and teach classes for Right Mind of Syracuse. I live in Syracuse with my two boys, two crazy dogs, and my wonderfully supportive husband.